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financeWe offer good financing for leasing equipment from us Leasing can be used in both small and large companies and is often a better option than the entity to purchase the item itself.

Leasing is a way to reduce the need for borrowing. Leasing costs are fully tax deductible for the lessee.

Financial / operational leasing

The two main types of leases are operating and financial.

1 Operating leases are most like ordinary rent. The leasing company buys the property and leases it for a fee. Normally it leasingblolaget which stands for service, maintenance, insurance and certain financial risks.

2nd Financial leasing is more like buying on the installment plan. The lessee is responsible for the financial risks of having the leased equipment. The lessee takes care of maintenance, service, insurance, etc. The ownership may, but need not, pass to the lessee by the end of the agreement period.

The design that is most common in Inari Lindstrom is now in consultation with the lessee agree on a leasingtid and write leases - usually 2 - 5 years. The contract rent is specified and any residual value. Hire company may at the lease end purchase the item at the residual value. Google Translate för företag:ÖversättningsverktygWebbplatsöversättareGlobal Market Finder Inaktivera snabböversättningOm Google ÖversättMobilGruppSekretessHjälpSkicka feedback


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