Spruce (Picea abies)

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The Christmas tree is a conifer needles and sit scattered in very large numbers on every shot but switches greatly in size , shape and direction. Spruce is also very varied with respect to the crown shape, depending on the main branches direction and Position of the twig . Cone The mountains also have diverse form. It is probably the most diverse tree in Scandinavia.

Spruce exhibits clearly more of those for coniferous trees vegetative parts typical hallmarks . These are in addition to the leaves education to the needles, the crown continuously throughout the main trunk , main branches configurations in circles and hartsavsöndringen in the wood and bark.

Our sortiment of spruce (Picea abies)

  • Spruce Sawn Timber

    whitewoodSpruce occurs throughout Sweden, except in the far south, where it often occurs in forest plantations.

    Spruce is a large specie found in the northern temperate regions of the earth, about 20-60 m tall.

    The colour varies from creamy white to light yellow and red-brown. Spruce is straight-grained with a smooth and even texture. The wood has medium density. Strength properties are excellent. Sawing and machining is easy, as well as gluing, jointing and assembling.

    Common use: The typical end-use of spruce/whitewood (Picea abies) is as structural timber in studs and beams, indoors and outdoors. The wood is yellowish white and has good strength quality, why it is used mainly as construction timber and packaging. Spruce/whitewood (Picea abies) is the most important building and construction timber in Europe. It is also used for interior construction, external joinery, carpentry, furniture, external paneling, facades, flooring, doors and packaging.


    KD (Kiln Dried to a core temperature of 56°C/30 min)

    Trade sorting: O/S, V, VI, VII

    Thickness: 12/16/19/22/25/32/38/44/47/50/63/75

    Width : 25/38/50/75/100/125/150/175/200/225

    Length : 2,4-5,7 ( 75%  of the storage is 4,2 +)

  • Spruce - European for construction


    We offer European Spruce for construcion, mainly from Rumania, Austria, France and Germany. Our Pine from Brazil is populaire both for construction and carpentry.

    We can offer you a custom made order in dimensions, lenght and quality.

    Example of dimensions we can offer:  

    Spruce 4.0 m








    Spruce 3.0 and 4.0 m




  • Spruce - Components

    kompSpruce  occurs throughout Sweden, except in the far south, where it often occurs in forest plantations.

    Spruce is our most common forest trees and is one of the country's major export commodities. Spruce wood is yellowish white and has many uses. Especially important is it for pulp and lumber, as well as to several chemicals, including artificial silk.







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