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We offer you to be your buying department

Many smaller factories spend a lot of time, searching for timber, a time consuming task and often waste of time. We offer you to be your buying department so you can spend more time on things thats make your company more effective.

Our network is our strength

We have more than 50 years in this business and have a huge network of suppliers. With our network as a base and an agreement to be your buying department, we can put your company in a better position, regardning access to wood and timber supply and quality.

Contact us

If you find this offer of interest, don´t hesitate to contact us for a first brief meeting.


The company Enar Timber AB started already in 1943, back then named Enar Lindström AB, as a sawmill and planing mill. In the middle of the 1950th the company became a wood trading company.

The main business is trading of sawn and planed timber mainly on export, but Enar Lindstrom AB is also leasing out machinery for sawmills and joinery mills.



Ownership structure

Nicklas Jacobsson is the owner and manager of the company. Nicklas is a third generation timber entreprenour and has many years of sawmill production and grading experience. Nicklas was employed at Enar Timber AB in 2008 by the previous owner Erik Lindström, son of the founder (Enar Lindström). The company also has a history of aircraft leasing. 

The company is situated in Skellefteå, county of Vasterbotten in the north of Sweden.

Geographic market

Of all the wood we sell, we export about 75% to customers in North Africa and Europe. The main export countries are now Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Ireland and England.


Contact us

Enar Timber AB
Hörnellgatan 4,
SE-931 30 Skelleftea,

Sweden Tel: +46(0)910 - 360 20,


Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes PEFC is an independent non-profit and with no connection to the state. Founded in 1999 with the goal of being a world-wide organization through certification ensures sustainable forestry. We can offer our customers 100% PEFC certified raw material.

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